“Femme Protects A Life, No to Hijacking, No to GBV”

There are many residents who have been affected by Gender-based Violence (GBV) in their local London boroughs. There has been an increase in assaults; sexual and racial, violence, psychological abuse and human trafficking. We are campaigning to stop violence towards women and men around London with our Femme Campaign to stop the ‘targeting’ of Gender-Based Violence caused by political unrest as well as militia groups. These militia groups are extremist socialist and Supremacist groups in the UK who are harassing and abusing vulnerable people psychologically for financial gain despite claiming that it is for political reasons.

They are hijacking women, men and children for their possessions and lives to threaten or human traffick internally or outside of the UK. Victims are hijacked with sound disturbances and threatened for political reasons. It affects the liberty and safety of the individual. We would like support and safety reassurances for victims so that they can access recovery assistance and live normal lives.


Protect their Human Rights

You can support our ‘Femme Protects Life’ Campaign to end targeted violence towards women and men, and the Sound Crisis to end assault and abuse.

You can read more about The Sound Crisis Campaign here.

You may have been affected by:

  • online abuse and computer hacking
  • stalking
  • psychological abuse
  • physical abuse and gender abuse
  • financial abuse
  • racial abuse
  • religious abuse

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