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Creativity4Change Arts celebrates the icons of art, design, fashion, cinema and music and humanitarianism.  We are interested in the talent of artists in arts and culture.

‘Butterflies of Freedom’

by Nancy K. Sikah

The ‘Butterflies of Freedom’ is about finding freedom after suppression and emotional difficulty. Find your escape… Have you seen your butterfly of freedom? Butterfly



About Us

Creativity4Change Arts is about art, pop culture and humanitarianism.
Our gallery features a variety of art from a variety of artists. We collaborate with charities, and art groups and organisations to create awareness of charity and health issues through art in our initiative.
We promote artists from Japan and the U.S. 
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Creativity4Change Arts includes arts projects which support social and health charities, such as Femme Protects Life. We will be changing our location to Asia-Pacific and touring with events in North America.
Our arts community will now be Creativity4Change Arts to include artists in the Asia Pacific (Japan) and U.S., and will include information about international news and arts opportunities. We look forward to working collaboratively with different artists in supporting charity health issues with our Art and Society Forum, Artful Therapy which will help artists to work collaboratively to improve health and wellbeing in 2020.

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Butterflies of Freedom

Thank you to FOXTV for featuring ‘The Butterflies of Freedom’ with this portrait of Dulcé Sloan as Honeybee Shaw in

Credit: Shade Akanbi

@GreatNorthFOX #TVForAll #C4C

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The ‘Butterflies of Freedom’ feature in the Spring/ Summer 2020 Collection by Marc Jacobs. Thank you!

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