Ndabuko Ntuli

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Face of Liberty, Ndabuko Ntuli

Face of Liberty, Ndabuko Ntuli, 96.5cm x 131.7cm, mixed medium


Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Ndabuko Ntuli, I reside in Johannesburg but originally from the Kwa Zulu Natal , East Coast of South Africa in a village called Nkandla. I am not only an artist but I’m also a practicing traditional healer and a traditional musician with 5 albums behind my name.


How would you describe your style and work, and how has it evolved?
My style of work is very original and ethnic, it has 3D layers and layers beneath it, and what makes my work different is because I use trash, like bottle caps, bones and plastic materials – literally anything I can from the streets that I feel like would be useful. I also describe my work as modern and contemporary, using a combination of materials over a tempered canvas surface and trash as a medium of expression showing how my work has evolved not only for me but for the industry as well.


What ideas do you express or use in your art?

As a traditional healer, I use throwing bones as my main divination medium, meaning I don’t only do pretty faces and famous influential people but I find myself telling stories and predicting, my work also varies from political views, spiritual and even general issues occurring in that specific time.


What are your influences in creating your artwork?
I am a self taught artist which means I never received any formal art training whatsoever, therefore giving me the platform to never limit myself, in fact I break all the rules and  boundaries, which makes my work edgy and unique. I am a dedicated artist with a well advanced attention span and drive to achieve the highest possible standards of production.

What have you been currently working on?
I am currently producing for 2017. I am working on my 10th sculpture and a new gallery as well, expect the unexpected!

What’s your favourite piece?
I consider all my work as my favourites because I work hard but the Desmond Tutu piece is quite close to my heart.


You can see Ndabuko Ntuli’s art below (click to enlargen):



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  1. What a wonderful work..its look like mostly of your considered rubbish from street..that mean you do recycling.. Nothing useless its only your brain have to make it useful..that why your work is unique….interesting

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