The Sound Crisis 2018 – 2019


The Femme Protects Life Campaign

2018 – 2019


Femme is a therapy support group for women who have been affected by trauma physically or emotionally. It is to compliment your post-clinical treatment and we offer complimentary therapies to assist your recovery. We have also contributed to a health strategy.

The Sound Crisis is about sound disturbances (hypersonic/ sonic attacks) which have affected many residents across London and the region of Europe. It has been linked to many symptoms of flu and COVID-19 which was officially stated in 2019/ 2020.


What are radiological attacks (hypersonic/ sonic attacks)?
Radiological/ Sound attacks can be classified as civil or political unrest which causes caused trauma injuries. Radiological attacks have been a public nuisances in some areas resulting in chronic injury.
You can order a booklet about the crisis and your recovery here.

The Femme campaign for the U.K. has ended you can read about our work here and by contacting us.



Special Thanks

We would like to thank the hospitals in the United Kingdom, who have contributed to improving the health and safety of patients who have been affected by the national crisis. Your valuable contribution, persistence and affiliation has made healthcare more accessible to many patients in the United Kingdom. We would also like to offer a big thank you to our volunteers.


If you are looking for a safe place or have moved and have a safety issue, contact your general hospital or council for advice. Assistance can be given to London residents just outside of the greater London area. 


In August 2020, we can confirm that consent has been given for a safer evacuation process and we arranged that U.K. residents can evacuate gradually once their new residence has been confirmed. (Until September)


A campaign formerly registered with the NHS, UK

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