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Former campaigns: Femme Protects Life #Femme, I Am Not (I belong #IBelong), No To injury #NoToInjury (Ban Exploitation)

You can join @diamondartsinfo which is the Twitter page for the Femme Protects Life Campaigner, Nancy Sikah. The account is for an commentary about the national emergency crisis in London, U.K. It is based on opinion only and a real, personal account of her experiences. Her account is emotional, but direct and challenges sudden changes which has severely affected her society and everyday life. 



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Creativity4Change Arts

They used the racial attack as entertainment and wanted to be in a recording for historical entertainment. Each visit was a a racial attack! They knew I would be injured afterwards. There was no ‘Butterfly’ of freedom from them. There is no one to fight for it but me.
2:42 PM · Nov 20, 2020

Not one celebrity did anything significant other than to criticise me for helping to rescue and save the lives of many people. #NoToInjury

2:40 PM · Nov 20, 2020

We are no longer promoting musicians in affiliation with Femme Protects Life.

We are currently reviewing our partnership for 2020/21. If you are interested you can contact us here and request a brochure.

In August 2020, we requested a safer evacuation process and arranged that U.K. residents can evacuate gradually once their new residence has been confirmed. (Until September)

 7:04 PM Aug 14, 2020


Creativity4Change Arts

London Update: I will not be participating in the film, ‘No Time to Die’ because of the mortalities, injuries and controversy of London residents as a result of filming.
4:32 PM · Jul 5, 2020

Creativity4Change Arts

London Update: The film included banned themes recorded as a ‘Femme’ and me as a victim. Promoted as a VOICE of a victim, I was victimised. If affiliated with Femme, do NOT support the film. Victimisation was personal and included other organisations, U.K. and other countries.
7:28 AM · Jul 6, 2020

Creativity4Change Arts

Do not want my name associated with victimisation and a banned theme. I do not want to be Hollywood’s ideal victim. I do not want to be an actress for the film. #TheBetrayal
10:31 AM · Jul 6, 2020

Creativity4Change Arts

London Update: I will NOT be participating and contributing to an anime.
10:43 AM · Jul 6, 2020

The controversial new film filmed in London (2018 – 2020), has been had emotional responses from residents in some areas in London. It was filmed during the crisis when many people had migrated for the short-term or long-term. Some had lost family and friends but the importance of safety and life preservation was not a priority. Privacy rights and residents were ignored in favour of entertainment.


Press Releases

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World Patient Safety Day 2020: Protecting patients and health workers during COVID-19. – (PDF) – (21 Sept 2020)

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A Statement (PDF) – (June – August 2020)

Is Adidas still the equality brand – (PDF) (May 2020)

Adidas Funding for Femme Protects Life – Outcome (February 2020)

Significant Events – (PDF) – The signs of a crisis (May 2019)

Healthcare Plan for 2019 – 2020 – (PDF)Healthcare recommendations for better care (January 2019)

Femme – Hijacked by Sound – (PDF) – My early experiences (June 2018)

“Femme Protects A Life, No to Hijacking, No to GBV” (June 2018)

‘Femme Protects Life’ Presentation, at the VCS Forum, London (June 2018)


‘Nancy’ becomes a Sim (February 2020)

‘Nancy’ Kitchenware by Habitat UK (August 2019)

Silence on Joue” – Liberation (February 2019)

Moschino features our butterflies at Milan Fashion Week (September 2019)

Portrait of ‘Nancy’ by Jenny Holzer at the Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer, Tate Modern, London, UK (July 2018 – July 2019)

Pharrell Williams supports our campaign Femme Protects Life (July 2018 – 2019)



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Our campaign for 2020 is to help to end the Corona Virus crisis in the Asia-Pacific.

Read more about our campaign here.


The Femme Protects Life Campaign

2018 – 2019 – The Sound Crisis

Femme is a therapy support group for women who have been affected by trauma physically or emotionally. It is to compliment your post-clinical treatment and we offer complimentary therapies to assist your recovery. We have also contributed to a health strategy.

The Sound Crisis is about sound disturbances (hypersonic/ sonic attacks) which have affected many residents across London and the region of Europe. It has been linked to many symptoms of flu and COVID-19 which was officially stated in 2019/ 2020.

You can read more here.