Parallel Mothers

Parallel Mothers opening scene is a look at the Spanish Civil War and an excavated mass grave, with victims of war.

In Parallel Mothers, history can affect generations. Trauma personal and social can influence what we do and the choices we make. It’s about friendships and relationships which are passionate and unpredictable. It’s also about friendships and relationships which are passionate and unpredictable. It also explores sexuality and gender in a shared motherhood.

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by Nancy Sikah, Editor, ICONS Magazine

The Pedro Almodóvar Archives

It’s about desire, passion, and identity

The Mini Edition

Hardcover, 33.7 x 24.6 cm, 3.51 kg, 456 pages
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The Pedro Almodóvar Archives, features behind-the -scenes access to the Spanish director who is a favourite of audiences worldwide with his thrilling movies about desire, passion, and identity, behind-the-scenes pictures and personal reminiscences, Almodóvar himself guides the reader through his singular journey from its early days through to I’m So Excited (2013) and Julieta (2016)

One of the most prolific and influential auteurs at work over the past 40 years, is the Spanish Director Pedro Almodóvar his films about desire, passion, and identity are a favourite of audiences worldwide. In his productions and you’re confronted with intoxicating tales of psychological melodrama, black comedy and familial feud.

This edition features a fascinating insight into the creative process behind such cinematic tours de force as Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown and the Academy Award-winning All About My Mother and Talk To Her.

Each film is featured with its original poster, photographs, full cast and crew listings, as well as a discussion by the leading Spanish author.  his own reflections and comments.

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“Cinema is an irrational passion. All my cinema is impregnated with cinema. The experience of seeing a film forms part of my biography.”Pedro Almodóvar”

– Pedro Almodóvar

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