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Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness | 2022

Triangle of Sadness, Director Ruben Östlund (The Square,
Force Majeure) his second Cannes Palme d’Or award. A romantic couple Carl and Yaya (Harris Dickinson and Charlbi
Dean) are models in fashion until money becomes an intrusion. They are offered free places on a luxury cruise,
and share a yacht with a Russian oligarch and arms dealers.

Thereare cynical Marxist ideas which are dark and absurdly comedic.

This comedy criticises the art world in The Square, high fashion and the very rich.

Östlund humourously critiques how much we depend on each other. It’s about what we value, power, society social class
beauty and wealth. It is a comedy about power and corruption.

Director-Screenwriter: R Östlund
Producers: E Hemmendorff, Harris Dickinson and
Charlbi Dean

Duration: 142min
Language: English


Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel is a dark comedy starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.
How best to describe the indescribable White Noise? It’s a film about nihilism the reduction of life, death the
nuclear family nuclear reactions, newly discovered medicines and the sacred space of the supermarket. Driver is
Jack Gladney, a college professor, living an ordinary life as a teacher in the field of Hitler studies but terrible at German.

The cast playing family, friends and co-workers, including Gerwig, Don Cheadle, Jodie Turner-Smith and Lars Eidinger, Driver’s anti-hero finds himself on a journey to conquer his fear of death. It’s a must-see for Baumbach followers who will appreciate his depiction of human relationships.

Director/ Screenwriter: Noah Baumbach
Producers: Noah Baumbach, David Heyman with Adam Driver
Greta Gerwig,
Don Cheadle,
Raffey Cassidy,
Sam Nivola,
May Nivola
USA 2022.

UK Distribution: Netflix
Language: English


Winner at this year’s Sundance, Nanny is a great debut feature from Nikyatu Jusu.

Aisha is a Senegalese nanny, working in New York for a wealthy white family. She looks after Rose, but Aisha’s son remains at home in Senegal, she works to raise money for him to join her. As Aisha’s relationship with her employers gets difficult so does her connection to her home. She is haunted by figures from West African folklore who warn her.

Producers: Nikkia Moulterie,
Daniela Taplin Lundberg
with Anna Diop, Michelle Monaghan,
Sinqua Walls, Morgan Spector, Leslie Uggams

USA 2022.

UK Distribution: Prime Video
Language: English


1976 is abrilliant portrait of the ways in which the Pinochet dictatorship realised its aggression and pervasive influence, from debut director Manuela Martelli.

Carmen witnesses a forced disappearance. Visited by the local priest, she finds herself in an atmosphere of uncertainty and paranoia.
Is she being watched? As Pinochet is their dictator with his heard on a TV broadcast she becomes more and more fearful.

Director: Manuela Martelli
Producers: Omar Zúñiga,
Dominga Sotomayor, Alejandra García,
Andrés Wood
Screenwriters: Manuela Martelli,
Alejandra Moffat with Aline Küppenheim, Nicolás Sepúlveda,
Hugo Medina
Chile-Argentina-Qatar 2022.

UK Distribution: New Wave Films
Language: Spanish
With English subtitles


This is a revealing documentary about the Ugandan musician, actor, activist and presidential hopeful is also a portrait of a country. It explores Yower Museveni who became President of Uganda in 1986. Hhis government initially attracted the admiration of the international community, but it Museveni soon transformed into an illiberal democracy.

Kyagulanyi has long been a critic of Museveni, using his fame as an actor and popstar to campaign against him. He was nvolved in the Resistant Movement Party, Kyagulanyi, is better known to his supporters as Bobi Wine was hope for how a generation of young Ugandans, who once felt marginalised.

Directors: Moses Bwayo,
Christopher Sharp
Producers: Christopher Sharp,
John Battsek
Uganda 2021.

Languages: English, Luganda
with English subtitles


The Wonder is by a Chilean director Sebastián Lelio who explores 19th-century Ireland for a drama about domestic relationships and the tensions between religion and science. Anna is an 11 year old who has not eaten for 4 months.Can Anna survive on manna from heaven? Is this a miracle or a dangerous delusion.

Director: Sebastián Lelio
Producers: Ed Guiney, Tessa Ross,
Andrew Lowe, Juliette Howell
Screenwriters: Sebastián Lelio,
Alice Birch, Emma Donoghue
with Florence Pugh, Tom Burke


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