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Untitled, digital media.

What made you want to become an Artist?

I don’t think there was anything that made me want to become an artist; it’s just what I’ve always done. I have to create. I’m quite hard to live with when I don’t do something creative, it’s part of who I am. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it’s true.


What’s your background?
I started out painting portraits and felt that was my thing for a while, but I wanted to experiment more, challenge myself. I felt my work wasn’t progressing the way I wanted it to. Thats when I started in a whole new direction. I still paint portraits on request, as I love doing them, but I also love the journey I’m on with my more conceptual work. It’s exciting and I love learning new things.


What work do you most enjoy doing?
I love finding new ways of creating work. I’m always looking for something new to try, but my two joys have always been oil painting and collage. They require different disciplines and I like the contrast between them.


What inspires you?
That’s a tricky one to answer, because in a way, as an artist everything inspires me. I spend a lot of time absorbing as much art as possible. I find other artists both intimidating yet greatly inspiring. There is so much amazing work out there! I absolutely love Benjamin Cohen’s work at the moment. His early work and more recent work all appeal to me. It’s his use of the paint – his brush strokes – the movement, colour, composition.


What’s your favourite piece?
Wow! That’s a hard one to answer! Hmm… maybe “Back Street Play” because it was the start of a whole new direction in my work.


What is your dream project?
I’d love a project with a single strong, core concept, to be shown in a unique event space, and I get to experiment with different media. A bit of painting, mixed media, digital, sculpture, to fit the space the work would be exhibited in.
Pieces are available priced £36.00 – £200.00.


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