Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers


The work entered may be in any medium on any material provided they are in keeping with miniature techniques and all work is subject to selection by the Selection Committee.

The number of works entered may be a may be up to five miniatures for non-Members.

For Members (ARMS & RMS), up to seven miniatures may be submitted, plus, up to four larger works.

Size limits on Portraits or Subject Matter?

Objects which are the primary focus of the work must not be larger than 2″ ie. heads, animals, buildings etc (for humans, ‘heads’ is interpreted as ‘heads with normal hairstyles’ and does not include hats, head-dresses or unusual built-up hairstyles; for animals or birds, ‘heads’ includes ears and beaks.) Animal heads may also be portraits, but cannot fall under the N.F.S rule.

Submission Deadline: 5th October 2014

Submission cost: £15.00 for non-Members (incl VAT) for each work, which is non refundable.

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